Ruffin Trading Company (GA)
Atlanta, GA

Founded in 2000, Ruffin Trading
Company was created to make value
from non-productive inventories in
the building supply industry.

The company's first trade, valued
over 1.7 million dollars, was
transacted through a subcontract with
the largest corporate trade house in
the world, Active International.

On discovering a need for a more
industry-relevant trade return to its
clients, Ruffin Trading Company then
positioned to manage its own clients
and distribution. The company soon
took in a selection of building supply
distributors whose sales put them in
the top fifty independent building
supply companies in the US at that

Ruffin Trading then built its first
trade bridge into the country of
Jamaica, by sending building
materials and taking payment in Blue
Mountain coffee and resort space.

Subsequently Ruffin traded into other
countries including France, Scotland,
Argentina, and Canada.
Ruffin Trading then worked to assimilate its
operations into the trade industry by connecting
transactions related to fulfillment of its clients'
contracts into the regional retail trade houses who
operate as banks for the trade. Over a five year
period the company tested this new trade form and
successfully integrated with retail trade houses
including Nubarter and others.

The Ruffin Trading corporate trade model was used
to research new technologies for trade, and the
specific statistical return to information currency
using the technology "Item Banc".

Ruffin Trading is still primarily leveraged for trade
with building materials, but now takes strategic
clients as corporate trade partners in a myriad of